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The Paving Company General Engineering is a leading concrete and asphalt paving company. Our company provides high quality concrete and asphalt paving services to both homeowners and businesses. Concrete and asphalt paving services provided by our team at The Paving Company General Engineering include: asphalt repair, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt line striping, concrete flatwork and concrete repair. 

At The Paving Company General Engineering, our team is well versed in both asphalt and concrete and works with a variety of customers. While a homeowner may be looking for concrete repair work to improve the curb appeal of their home with an updated driveway, a business owner may be looking to a contractor for concrete repair on their sidewalk to increase the safety of their customers. 

It’s important to us at the Paving Company General Engineering that our customers understand our process when it comes to concrete repair. Our team will discuss and assess the concrete repair work needed, develop a quote and discuss a timeline for completion prior to starting any concrete repair project. Cost of concrete repair can depend on the extent of the concrete’s damage, size and more. Concrete repair work can help create a longer life to a customer’s driveway, sidewalk or other concrete flatwork. Uneven concrete, or concrete with cracks or holes, not only looks old, but can be unsafe and be a liability for business owners. Over time, concrete can become worn down from use and elements, but proper concrete repair work from a reputable concrete and asphalt company will bring the concrete back to life and restore its strength. A concrete driveway with holes or large cracks can also cause damage to vehicles, but concrete repair can keep both homeowners and vehicles safer. 

If you’re looking for a contractor to provide concrete repair services to your home or business, the team at The Paving Company General Engineering is ready to talk. Call us today to learn how we can tackle your concrete repair job.