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The Paving Company General Engineering is an asphalt and concrete company. We offer a wide variety of asphalt and concrete services for both commercial and residential customers, including concrete flatwork. The team at The Paving Company General Engineering understands the needs of customers looking for quality asphalt and concrete work, whether it be for asphalt installation, or concrete repair. Our wide variety of expert services at The Paving Company General Engineering make us the ideal contractor for your asphalt or concrete job. We believe our company is equipped to handle any of your asphalt or concrete flatwork jobs, big or small. While concrete flatwork installation may seem easy, our company and team of concrete experts tackle jobs every day making us experts in the field.

At The General Paving Company Engineering, we understand the various decisions that come with ensuring any concrete flatwork job is created with care. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios for residential and commercial customers. Before the team at The General Paving Company Engineering, our team will discuss the steps our company needs to complete the concrete flatwork. Pre-planning and developing a budget are important to our company because we understand it’s important to our customers. Our company works with customers so they understand the budget prior to beginning any concrete flatwork job. Additionally, we work with customers to develop a timeline so they know when their concrete flatwork job will be complete. From start to finish, our company works hard to make sure that customers feel heard and understand the elements of the concrete flatwork job, from planning to excavation to completion. At The General Paving Company Engineering, it’s our hope that customers feel comfortable with us and the work we complete.

In addition to concrete flatwork, our company also provides concrete repair services, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repair work and asphalt line striping.

If you’re ready to start your concrete flatwork job, contact our team at The Paving Company General Engineering today. Our team is available to answer questions and ready to take on your concrete flatwork job for your home or business.